My new way of traveling

20130502-134635.jpgwelcoming kansai from the window

I am a type of person who can enjoy long road trips, due to the fact that sleeping for me is the best when I am in a moving vehicle. Having said that, it isn’t surprising to know too that traveling 8 hours straight by bus for me is a comfortable experience.

It was my first time to try a day trip travel from the east to the west part of Japan. I was saving up money but wouldn’t want to compromise my traveling appetite. I was scared at first, since I thought my body won’t make it.

But, contrary to my fear, it turned out well. I decided to try more day trip travels in the future. I will be, in fact, doing to another one in the weekend. Anything in the name of photography, traveling, that is, cheap traveling.

Downtown Osaka
Welcome to deep Osaka! At Shinsekai

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