Traveling again

My traveling buddies

Went for one of my yet another “spontaneous” adventures last weekend together with a bunch of cute grandmas and grandpas to the North part of Japan.

The interest grew from all the posters I saw everyday to work which is part of JR (Japan Rail) company’s arduous effort to promote the Northeastern side of Japan which was devastated by the great 2011 earthquake years back. Three weeks ago while browsing the net, I found a bus tour going to the area. Booked a seat right then and there, and found myself on the way to Tohoku (the name locals called that area) despite the on going typhoon that weekend.

Hokkaido has been my favorite travel destination but after that visit, I decided to rearrange my best list. Hokkaido will still be a favorite, but for Summer, and Tohoku will be another favorite of mine, for Autumn. If not for the limited offs I get from work, I would have spent more time there. A weekend is definitely not enough given its distance from Tokyo (16hrs of bus ride to be exact) and the vast amount of nice places to visit in the area (we only visited two locations)

Well, it was still good. I went home safe but with an impending cold, partly a fault on my part since I geared myself up with clothes only suitable for Tokyo weather (at one point, the temperature was around 4 celsius). I wished though I had enough time to go around and take photographs. I can’t wait to check the pictures later. I am still getting the hang of using two systems while on the road, but the 12mm on the OMD and the 85mm on my old Canon EOS seems to be working for me, at least.

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