Unryu Valley: My First Taste of Snow Trekking

I am no hiker but when it comes to trying out new things, never doubt it, I will be first in line to sign up. So when I heard about a snow trekking trip in Unryu Valley in Nikko, I had myself registered.

The adventure started from Tobu-Asakusa Station, which is one of the usual points going to Nikko from Tokyo, a famous area in Tochigi for nature seekers. We had to take the rapid train as early as 7:30 in the morning. The rapid train will save you almost 20mins of travel time but with an additional fee of 1,300yen for the express service.

Clocking in Almost there

Guides from a local outdoor club welcomed our group and brought us to the foot of the valley, which is about 10 minutes by car.

We had to hike for about 20 minutes more to get to the icy area. By this time, I was already wearing a rented waterproof boots. I was told the one I was wearing was not sufficient despite being a legit hiking shoes.

On to the icy valley On we go. The sky was so blue

It was sunny that day, so the ice was melting and the roads were getting slippery. We were told that that week was the last week they will be opening the area for snow trekking as it was getting warmer already. On the average, they only offer this event to visitors for 2 to 3 weeks between January and February depending on the weather.

Spectacular View Along the way Frozen river along the way

On with walking sticks and appropriate shoes Should keep grounded. Walking along with sticks. These were all rentals, which is good.

Safety first Crampons. This will keep our feet from slipping on ice.

The is up so highThe sun is up so high. This is what was all around that time.

Ice climbing We also met some ice climbers.  What a brave lady!

The trek lasted for only an hour, to my relief. There was a time that I almost felt while climbing to the upper ground. (the trek is not flat) But it was a good experience seeing that much ice in my life.

And, always, I had my dear camera all throughout the trek, which made the trip a little longer for me because other than taking snaps once in a while, I had to protect the camera from the snow.

Snow Trekking
Going home now

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