Recalling 2013

It was indeed a year full of distractions. Browsing through the albums I had from that year made me realized I had made myself a regular traveler. Yet, the idea hasn’t reached me. I wanted more, I needed more. To get out, to forget, to make me see the world. I should keep myself forward, the bad memories may stay with me, but I need not make me stay to where I am now. I must continue moving on, I must continue walking without looking back. I had done it in that year, but I felt like I haven’t reached the middle of that journey yet.

Journeying through 2013

Not anyone know, I have been nursing a broken life starting January. I was kind of mum about it in this blog, but all of the things I have been doing all the year is to nurse it back to life. With that, I bought myself a new camera to start over. I have booked myself to trips, desperate to get away from the memories that kept on hunting me at home.

Snow Monsters

I’ve dared Zao, Yamagata with it’s cold and freezing air to see the Snow Monsters.

Snow Trekking

Tried to experience something different, walking on ice

I decided to go further. I went up north to the freezing Hokkaido to see the famous Sapporo Snow Festival.

Otaru Canal at Blue Hour

As the season warms, flowers started blooming. I went to Izu to see the first bloom of the year.


I was not satisfied with that much bloom so I went to Mt. Yoshino, a mountain full of sakura trees. But was there a little late, most of the trees were almost turning green already.

Sakura Mountain

So I just made myself visit Osaka.

Downtown Osaka

Came back to Kanto, and went to see another lump of sakura flowers, in Chichibu, Saitama

Shibazakura in Chichibu, Saitama

I have been spending each day of my life in Japan as if it is my last year. That May, I decided to visit Hamamatsu, a city that had been my home for two years. I have never experienced the festival there, so I went to pay a little visit.

Hamamatsu Kite Festival 2013

The first feel of summer started to show itself that June. I went for a little trek up the mountain, despite a chronic cough due to the sudden change of weather.

Bake Jizo

I will never forget the colorful sceneries then. That month, Hokkaido became my favorite destination for Summer. I went around with my electric bicycle. I didn’t know before that cycling could be so fun, so so fun.

Color your life

It was a very nice walk along the river in Kamikochi. I remember the water being so sweet.

The clear waters of Kamikochi

I was expecting an alpine surprise with my hike in Hakuba, but the weather didn’t cooperate that day. It was one of the hardest trek I took for this year, so I ended my trek season in this trip as well.

Foggy Day at Hakuba

A rare trip with my dear cousins brought us together in Hong Kong. I haven’t seen my cousin since I was 5. I have been to Hong Kong before, so we decided to step on Macau as well.

Hong Kong in Color: The Hong Kong Cityscape at Night

Largo do Senado

The October trip came in as a surprise for me. I never knew I could go visit the reds in Tohoku. But I guess my persistence to visit places and relying my thoughts on last chance gave a way for me to go to Tohoku. I remember there was a typhoon that day.

Valley of Red

My first trip to Kyushu, the southern part of Japan. Visited Nagasaki, a very quiet city. Sometimes I wonder if I could live there. Maybe I can.

The Venus Wing


I have been in Japan for six years, and in three of those years I spent Christmas away from Japan. I added to the count this year, when I went to Thailand to welcome the New Year up the northern part called Chiang Mai. I vowed many things to change this year. I vowed to continue walking away, and not looking back. I vowed to aim for quality this year. Praying to God to help me walk through this year, and came out better as I did this year.

Vendor on Boat

4 thoughts on “Recalling 2013

  1. Wow, what a spectacular year you had! I am especially envious of your trip to the Sapporo Snow Festival and the flower fields in Hokkaido. Is that Furano you went to?


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