Fly Fly Away

Two weeks ago, on a snow stormy day, I decided to fly. I thought I wouldn’t be able to. Because, as the forecast mentioned, it is one of the worst ones for this year.

The airport express train, almost empty

I felt like going through Russia on a Trans Siberian train.

Siberia, in Asia

At the airport, there were a lot of flights already canceled. I was worried for my own. But the board didn’t flash anything about cancelation. Whew.

This seems to be confused pieces of baggage. Is it from Hawaii? Tohoku? Yokohama?

Bored waiting for your boarding time? Why not sit down for a while and make yourself your own daruma

A long walk to the walkalator to the boarding gate.

No snow in Chiba yet.  It was still all rain before the departure.

To Gate 85

The building seems to be undergoing some major overhaul.  

Ahh. where did all those bad weather go??  The sky was so clear up there.  It turned out to be a nice flight after all.  

Contrary to my expectations, the flight was smooth and almost bump-free. I was very worried not taking my anti-motionsickness meds. But it turned out, I didn’t it after all.

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