Valentine’s Day, My Way

I landed home on the night of 14th of February. I had requested my parents to let me take a moment to take pictures of Manila while I was there. Since the trip is just literally short, they decided to take me to a nearby mall arcade just 30 minutes (almost) from the airport.

It was Valentine’s Day, and the venue is packed. And it was to my glee that I could snap some streets that night, well while tagging along the parents. This is street photography at its finest. And also a first for me.

Highlight the walk
Walk on by

Unlike in Japan, Valentine’s Day back home is for ladies.

Where's your date
Grab a date while that lasts

While couples are the main scene of the day, some opted to bring their kids on their dates.

Give me some
Awaiting for the surprise

Looking ahead
Looking up there, you’ll see something

There were a lot of people around so I could get a good view of people staying still. There was also a fireworks event that night, so people looked in awe while glimpsing at the array of lights in the air.

On My Cellphone
Hanging around with his cellphone, forgetting everyone else

It’s funny how that sometimes, even though you are with people, you still need to connect to people at some point. What happened to the good old human interaction.

I’m lost

I don’t know why some parents leave their child alone in this chaotic night. I guess some miss being alone together.

Double date
The date

I am not a fan of self-portraits, so just something similar to commemorate the night.

The Wheel
It’s airconditioned!

Would you like to take a ride on this ferris wheel with airconditioned cars?

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