When I walked around asakusa

Asakusa, a district in busy Tokyo, is one of the places wherein the old and the new meets. Stepping into the streets gives you a nostalgic feeling of the not so old Tokyo. It is also a famous tourist spot. I can’t remember not recommending going to Asakusa when Kyoto or Kamakura were beyond reach for my friends visiting Tokyo.

One warm afternoon, while on assignment for my company, I walked around with familiar neighborhood my camera, and took some snaps. That experience was like a walk into nostalgia.

When I walked around Asakusa: A Bar with Plants
European Style restaurant
They were closed on a broad daylight. Maybe I should try having lunch here next time, if they open.

When I walked around Asakusa: Afternoon Nap
Bliss life of a dog
Oh I wished I could skip the entire afternoon and join this dog in his “siesta”.  I remembered those days where afternoons were just for naps.

When I walked around Asakusa: Hanging Plant Man
Is there such thing as Plant Society? I would like to contact them to save this poor plant from being tortured. This is so inhumane!

When I walked around Asakusa: Beverage Store
Childhood scene
There used to be a local store near the place where I grew up.  And that time, it is still normal to drink softdrinks from a bottle. I remember looking for crowns from the bottle rack.  Back then, your ticket to winning prizes were hidden under the crowns.

Ahh, I really miss those days.

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