A Ruins in Saitama

Saitama, the prefecture west of Tokyo, is known to be home to quite a few ghost towns and abandoned places. Last weekend, my friends and I thought doing some urban exploration. However, the best ghost towns are all located far miles from Tokyo, so the plan was abandoned (pun intended, and we actually wanted to go here). Instead, we decided to just visit these flowers. Little that we know about a wonderful surprise waiting for us there.

On a mountain path near Kinchakuda Park, we stumbled upon an apartment complex on a wrong turn. It was a good mistake.Thought not as authentic as we wanted it to be, it looked abandoned enough for us.

Note: As much as I am NOT a fan of HDR, for some reason, I find ruins fitting with the HDR Art Filter of my EM5)

Ruins:Old Car
An old Toyoto Corola, with vegetation inside

Ruins:Apartment Hallway
My friends were worried about intruding into the complex. But that didn’t stop me into taking a peek of the place

Ruins:Abandoned Room
The only apartment room that we can see from the outside. This used to be a Japanese style apartment

Ruins:A look from the inside
The entrance to the apartment complex

A clean set of tools. This place might still be a playground for some

Tall vegetation growing around the apartment lot

A warehouse beside the apartment complex. The apartment complex might used to be a housing for the men working at this warehouse

Ruins:Signs of life
Signs of life. A broken piece of tableware

Ruins: Exploring
A friend exploring the ruins

Ruins: Windows
A look of the apartment complex from the front

Ruins : Water Tank 6
A water tank

This abandoned place might not look as authentic compared to the other greater ghost towns. However, it was enough to make us go gaga with excitement. Anyways, great things come when unexpected.

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