Spring in blue and yellow

Two seasons back, in a land near the sea in Ibaraki Prefecture, we experienced spring like never before.

Clouds of blue floating above a sea of yellow rapeseed blossoms. It was a sight that is so nice..


Weather was really bad that day, and the blue flowers, called Nemophila were nearing its end. Perhaps, the consolation we had was the experience of the last remains of these flowers.

The location, Hitachi Kaihin Koen, a seaside park close to Hitachi, Ibaraki. We went there via bus, direct from Tokyo.
Weather, as mentioned, was a bit sad though the rain wasn’t that bad. I just couldn’t grasp the sweetness of the color of these two flowers together, as the sour clouds were looming over them.

Blurry colorsRapeseed blossoms, with the hill of Nemophila in the background

A couple in the yellow fieldsThe promise of tomorrow

LayersLayers of blue and green.  As you can see, the nemophilas were nearing its end.

PoppyA poppy popping out among the blue ones

On the blue groundA story of disconnectedness, among the beauty around you

VisitorsVisitors enjoying the scene around

This changes in Autumn, where a combination of colors of green, red, and pink will be in showcase. Will be saving some pictures for this blog as well.

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